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Gripping video

This video about the universal robotic gripper invented by Hod Lipson and graduate student John Amend – who also made the video – will receive a first-place award at the Global Polymer Innovation Expo in Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 27 for its ability to communicate research to the nonscientific mind and to create a tool to accelerate the commercialization […]

Geek power

Hod Lipson and graduate student Michael Schmidt are on Forbes’ list of “The World’s Most Powerful Data Scientists” along with the likes of Google CEO Larry Page and others. Lipson, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and computing and information science, runs the Cornell Creative Machines Lab and conducts research in everything from robotics […]

Lab most awesome

Popular Science thinks the Cornell Creative Machines Lab is pretty cool – naming it among the top 25 “Most Awesome College Labs” of 2011. Headed by Hod Lipson, the lab is Cornell’s home to 3-D printers that fabricate everything from cupcake frosting to chain mail to body parts.