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“A sublime victory lap”

“My father always said to me, I would be a late bloomer,” David Seidler ’59 told more than a billion viewers when he won the Oscar for best original screenplay of “The King’s Speech” Feb. 27. “I believe I am the oldest person to win this particular award. I hope that record is broken quickly […]

Countdown to the Oscars

David Seidler ’59, author of “The King’s Speech,” appears in a glowing 60 Minutes profile of the film’s star, Colin Firth. Seidler is up for an Oscar Feb. 27 for best original screenplay.

Crowning Seidler

Yet another story of the British royal family is poised to take a number of Oscars next month. Leading contender “The King’s Speech” may just sweep David Seidler ’59 to screenwriting glory. His success comes after a long and “checkered” career writing mostly for TV. Seidler shared citizenship – and a stutter – with reluctant monarch George […]