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Et tu, David?

Cornell historian Barry Strauss draws parallels between former CIA director David Petraeus’ affair with his ambitious biographer, Paula Broadwell, and scandals among such classical Greek and Roman power couples as Pericles of Athens and his mistress Aspasia, and Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, who “had a thing for men in uniform.” Strauss writes on the History News Network […]

Salamis salutes Strauss

The mayor of Salamis, Greece, has invited Cornell military historian Barry Strauss to receive the city’s highest award Sept. 29 in gratitude for his 2004 book “The Battle of Salamis: The Naval Encounter That Saved Greece – And Western Civilization.” The Battle of Salamis, according to the book’s publisher, “was the most important naval encounter […]


Cornell military historian Barry Strauss, author of “The Spartacus War,” spoke at NATO’s military headquarters in Belgium in its “Notable Authors” series Feb. 7. “Spartacus is the story of a real-life insurgency in the ancient world that deals with some of the same aspects of insurgency today,” said Strauss, who noted that Spartacus was not born into […]