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Graduation may mean saying goodbye to late nights at Mann and Olin, but it doesn’t have to mean leaving the library behind entirely. Alumni can still use plenty of library resources, including a new database that provides access to tons of full-text articles. Project MUSE incorporates journals published by multiple university presses, and it covers […]

Cornell clusters

The top-10 cities in which Cornellians reside, per MetaEzra: 1. New York City (18,010) 2. Boston (10,740) 3. Washington, D.C. (10,005) 4. Bay Area (9,832) 5. Ithaca (7,556) 6. Long Island (6,739) 7. Los Angeles (5,402) 8. Philadelphia (5,188) 9. Westchester (4,870) 10. Chicago (3,898)

On Broadway

Antoinette LaVecchia ‘89 opened in “A View From the Bridge” at the Cort Theater Sunday night for a limited run.