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Panama law

Members of the Cornell Global Law Brigade traveled to rural Darien, Panama, to provide pro bono legal consulting and immerse themselves in the local culture. Undergraduates from the Classes of 2016 to 2013 participated on the service trip March 16-22.

March madness photo contest

Starting today, you can vote for the image you think best represents Cornell. Go to the College of Arts and Sciences’ Facebook page, Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter to participate in “battles” as photos move through brackets in four categories: events, buildings, icons and nature.

The apples of her art

Inspired by science journalist Michael Pollan’s description of rare, odd apples from the Noah’s Ark of apples in his book “The Botany of Desire,“ artist Jessica Rath twice visited Cornell’s Plant Genetics Resource Unit in Geneva, N.Y. Writes The Atlantic: “… America’s apple archivist, Philip Forsline, has assembled and tended a vast Noah’s Ark of more than 2,500 apple varieties: two clones […]

Love is in the air

And it’s given an infographic treatment by Big Red Love Stories.

International lenses

The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies announced Jan. 30 three winners and 11 honorable mentions in its annual photo contest. Graduate students studying or conducting research abroad submitted 37 photos; all photos are exhibited in the Big Red Barn in February and will be featured on the Einaudi Center website. First prize: Development sociology student Kasia […]


Beginning in early 2013, Cornell University Police will begin wearing new uniforms, the first significant change in their official attire in 42 years. The new look replaces the current nickel-gray shirt with a black uniform shirt with ventilated side panels. The shirt complements the multi-pocket black cargo pants the department switched to in 2010. “The […]

See how they grow

Physics graduate student Jesse Silverberg blogged in the Huffington Post about his research on the helical buckling of plant roots.

Savings at your fingertips

Energy Outreach Coordinator Erin Moore shows off one of the Human Ecology Building‘s energy usage dashboards during a trustee dinner Oct. 25. The dashboards give researchers, students and others a trove of information to analyze the LEED Platinum building’s efficiency or to launch energy conservation competitions.

Gabby, chillin’

Cornell DMV candidate Gabby Wild, aka Gabby Wagner ’11, species preservationist and fashionista, posed for a series of photos in which she is made up to suggest various amphibians (half of amphibian species are at risk of extinction). Read previous Essentials posts about Wild here and here.

Something Grace whipped up

Fiber Science & Apparel Design student Grace Choi ’14 competed in the Domino Sugar All American Classic Edible Fashion Runway Competition Oct. 6 at Ithaca Mall. Four undergraduate fashion students were each paired with a pastry chef to create a garment using only sweet supplies like sugar and fondant. Choi and baker Kim Simons designed a […]

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