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The ‘new Burma’

Cornellians can visit Burma without ever leaving Ithaca through a new photography exhibit in Mann Library. Award-winning author Naomi Duguid and photojournalist Amanda Schwengel are the featured photographers in the exhibit; Duguid’s work specializes in food and agriculture and food as an aspect of culture, and Schwengel’s focuses on the conservation of culture in everyday environments.

There be dragons

Dragon Day 2013 will live on in infamy on the website for Olin and Uris Libraries. Three library staff members — Carla DeMello, Lance Heidig and Susette Newberry — took photographs of the festivities with the library buildings in the background and used them as backgrounds for the website. Hit “refresh” to see all eight […]

24/7 tutorials

Have you ever wished for a personal IT helpdesk, standing at the ready any time you had a question about using Outlook or Dreamweaver? You’re in luck: Through the library’s website, Cornell students, faculty and staff can watch tutorials from Books24x7. The streaming videos are usually between three and five minutes long. Look under “Browse […]

Colder than Ithaca

Celebrate winter’s chill with a display in Olin Library of landscapes colder than Ithaca: Iceland and the far North Atlantic. Two concurrent exhibitions on display through late March offer a glimpse of the vast range of Old Norse-Icelandic studies: “Góð bók er gulli betri” (“A Good Book Is More Valuable Than Gold”) focuses on reading […]

Union ephemera

A blackball box, a hoodwink and other glimpses of union-related history from the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives are on display in Catherwood Library. Known in the archives world as “realia” – 3-D objects from real life – the Kheel selections span the 1800s to the 1970s. Highlights from the exhibition include: A […]

Ask the RMC

Life just got a little easier for Cornellians heading to the library’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections (RMC), which inaugurated a new online registration and request system this semester. It allows anyone planning to visit RMC – Cornell’s principal repository of rare books, manuscripts and archival materials, located in the depths of Kroch Library […]

‘Eternity’s Sunrise’

A new piece of art is gracing the study space in Mann Library. “Eternity’s Sunrise” is a brushed aluminum mobile created by Ithaca artist Werner Sun in memory of Nan Hyland, a librarian at Mann Library, whose dedicated service to education and scholarship at Cornell touched the work and lives of many in the Cornell […]

A better Bissett

One of the most popular study spaces in Mann Library has gotten a technology upgrade and a major makeover. The Bissett Collaborative Center, on the library’s second floor, has been updated to include four high-end collaborative work stations with space for eight people. Beanbag chairs, mobile white boards and more make the space ideal for […]

Images of Barack

Just in time for Barack Obama’s second Inauguration Day, the library is putting historic materials from the president’s first inauguration online. In 2008, as part of its extensive collection of political Americana, the library’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections began building a collection of publicity and memorabilia documenting Obama’s campaign and election. In 2011, […]

Take a day on, not a day off

Had the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. lived, he would have turned 84 years old Jan. 15. In celebration of his birthday, the federal government created the MLK Day of Service to encourage Americans to “take a day on, not a day off” and spur volunteers to action in memory of King’s life. At Cornell, Africana librarian Eric […]

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