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St. Francis revealed

Andrew Sullivan, the former editor of The New Republic and a widely read columnist, selected the Cornell University Press book Francis of Assisi: A New Biography, by Augustine Thompson, O.P., as his favorite of 2012. Sullivan writes in the Daily Beast: “It’s a book that rescues the human being from hagiography, and that is, in fact, […]

Property, in theory

The Law School celebrated the publication of “Introduction to Property Theory” by Gregory Alexander and Eduardo Peñalver ’94 on Oct. 3. “We are hopeful that the book will provide a useful introduction to the many debates over the nature and philosophical foundations of property,” says Peñalver, professor of law. “At the same time, we wanted to […]

Fall Ezra: The library that never sleeps

The fall 2012 Ezra, Cornell’s quarterly news magazine, looks at how a visit to a Cornell library, in person or online, provides a level of customization that would have been unthinkable half a century ago, when the massive card catalog ruled and students filled out carbon-copied punch cards to request items. It also examines how […]


The journal Nature Materials has featured Cornell work on transition metal oxides on its October cover. The Cornell team includes Kyle Shen, Darrell Schlom and David A. Muller, who revealed new insights into quantum interactions of transition metal oxide superlattices, which are artificial stacked layers of alternating materials, each just a few atoms thick.

‘Me, Myself and Math’

That’s the title of Steve Strogatz‘s new six-part series of columns on math for The New York Times. His first series, Elements of Math, was widely read and talked about. “Sharpen your pencils, dust off your abacus and join me once again for a few weeks of mind-bending pleasure. No, I’m not speaking about politics,” […]

Gold on Gold

“Taking the Back off the Watch: A Personal Memoir” of astrophysicist Thomas Gold, tells the life story of the Cornell professor who – among many other achievements – explained pulsars as rotating neutron stars, recruited Carl Sagan to the Cornell faculty and helped persuade the U.S. Department of Defense to fund conversion of the giant […]

Summer Ezra: Legendary professors

The summer 2012 issue of Ezra, Cornell’s quarterly news magazine, features a look at what it takes for a professor to attain the status of legend. Also in this issue: President Emeritus Frank H.T. Rhodes’ new book, “Earth: A Tenant’s Manual” (with audio excerpts); Cornell Outdoor Education’s 40-year odyssey; the Belfer Research Building goes up […]

5 of ‘Best 300’

Five Cornell professors have been named to “The Best 300 Professors.” The book takes data from, a website on which students rank professors on helpfulness, clarity, easiness and “hotness.” “The professors in the book are not ranked (nor are their colleges ranked in this book) but each professor profiled received high ratings from their most […]

Titanic talent

In connection with her new novel, “The House of Velvet and Glass,” in which the sinking of the Titanic figures, Katherine Howe, a lecturer in American studies at Cornell, spoke to CBS This Morning‘s Mo Rocca April 9 about Americans’ obsession with the Titanic. “One of the reasons is that there was as much celebrity culture in 1912 […]

Disastrous greed

In his book “Run To Failure: BP and the Making of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster,” Abrahm Lustgarten ’96 digs into the history of the company behind the disastrous 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill. “The story, though, is not about what happened in the Gulf, but why it happened and who allowed it,” says Lustgarten, an […]

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