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Poetry springs up

The Plantations’ Mundy Wildflower Garden has the most variety of early-blooming wildflowers in the area and is a must see in early spring. To celebrate National Poetry Month this April, graduate student Emily Oliver matched her favorite poems to many of the garden’s wildflowers. Look for signs throughout the garden providing a number to call for […]

The apples of her art

Inspired by science journalist Michael Pollan’s description of rare, odd apples from the Noah’s Ark of apples in his book “The Botany of Desire,“ artist Jessica Rath twice visited Cornell’s Plant Genetics Resource Unit in Geneva, N.Y. Writes The Atlantic: “… America’s apple archivist, Philip Forsline, has assembled and tended a vast Noah’s Ark of more than 2,500 apple varieties: two clones […]

Spectacular birds

The Lab of Ornithology’s birds of paradise website features HD videos, images, sounds, interactive features and classroom tools for teachers.

Rare birds

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has collected the first known video documentation of one of the world’s rarest birds on its tundra breeding grounds in Chukotka, Russia. Lab videographer Gerrit Vyn captured footage of the first moments when spoon-billed sandpiper chicks venture away from their nest. The spoon-billed sandpiper population has plummeted to about 100 breeding pairs, and the […]

Gabby, chillin’

Cornell DMV candidate Gabby Wild, aka Gabby Wagner ’11, species preservationist and fashionista, posed for a series of photos in which she is made up to suggest various amphibians (half of amphibian species are at risk of extinction). Read previous Essentials posts about Wild here and here.

Listen up!

An Ithaca High School volunteer for Cornell’s Elephant Listening Project at the Lab of Ornithology has won first prize in a national essay contest. Michelle Jang, 16, was a winner of the Humane Education Networks’ “A Voice for Animals” essay contest. Her essay, “Road to Extinction: Confinement of Roads,” was chosen from more than 8,000 high school […]

Winged seduction

Learn more.

Birds to clog tri-state skies

Attention birders in New York City’s five boroughs, along the south shore of Long Island and in coastal and interior New Jersey: keep an eye skyward this weekend as migrant birds pass over your area. According to BirdCast, hawks – including American kestrel, osprey, northern harrier and sharp-shinned – will be much in evidence by […]

Boy spots robin, sets record

One small boy, one giant leap for citizen science. A 12-year-old near Vancouver, British Columbia, recently sighted an American robin and submitted his finding to eBird – becoming the 100 millionth observation. Launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Audubon, eBird is an online application for birders to record their checklists, and […]

A clean dog is a happy dog

The fall Veterinary College dog wash will be held Sunday, Aug. 19, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the courtyard between the Veterinary Research Tower and Sherman Hall, Tower Road. A wash is $5; $15 for a wash and nail trim. Veterinary students also offer body condition scores and advise on your dog’s diet. Funds raised […]

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