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Face time

At least 60 Cornell students have committed to leave their phones at home, ignore social media, engage in face-to-face interaction and reevaluate their relationship with technology, April 10-12.

They are taking part in CU [dis]connect, a student-run “social experiment” intended to combat the detachment from others technology use can foster. Student groups will host events in collaboration with CU [dis]connect, enabling students to gather as a community.

“I was frustrated with some of the behavior I observed in my peers,” said Rudy Gerson ’15, a College Scholar in the College of Arts and Sciences who organized the event. “I would be mid-conversation with a friend, and he’d check his phone. At a bar, it was strange to see people checking Facebook or texting, when there were so many new faces to engage with right there around them. In class too, I even felt the urge to check my phone, which essentially tuned me out completely from the professor and the material. I hope people will come to realize that they can be happier and liberated without constant connectivity.”

CU [dis]connect events will include an “Ask Big Questions” group dialogue, a screening of “Connected, the Film” and a barbecue for participants. Sign up at the above link.


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