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Colder than Ithaca

Celebrate winter’s chill with a display in Olin Library of landscapes colder than Ithaca: Iceland and the far North Atlantic.

Two concurrent exhibitions on display through late March offer a glimpse of the vast range of Old Norse-Icelandic studies:

  • Góð bók er gulli betri” (“A Good Book Is More Valuable Than Gold”) focuses on reading and scholarship from the Fiske Icelandic Collection – one of the most important repositories for the study of the Nordic world during the Viking Age as well as modern Iceland. Two exhibition cases are located across from the circulation desk on Olin’s main floor.
  • World of the West Norse” contemplates the rapid expansion of the Norse presence in Europe during the Middle Ages, which marked one of the great cultural shifts in European history. This display of maps, illustrations and captions is located directly outside Olin’s Department of Maps and Media in Olin Library, down the stairs from the café.





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