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Uncle Ezra is on sabbatical

The Dear Uncle Ezra website, created in 1986 as what may have been the world’s first online advice column, is temporarily closed for renovations.

“After heartfelt discussion we decided it was time for Ezra to go through a period of rest and recuperation and revisioning,” said Dave Vernon, special assistant to the vice president for information technologies.

The service was created to answer questions about Cornell rules and procedures and expanded to handle questions from “Why are hot dogs called hot dogs?” to how to mend a broken romance. Interested alumni and worried parents participated as much as students.

Now, Vernon said, Cornell information is available from an array of online sources. “We need to think through how Ezra can add a voice to what’s already there,” Vernon explained.

In the meantime, visit Uncle Ezra’s searchable archive of thousands of questions and answers.

– Bill Steele


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