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Our man in space

A new special edition of Time magazine lists Steve Squyres, Ph.D. ’81, the Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy, among the 25 most influential people in space:

“Earth’s invasion of Mars (sci-fi writers had it backwards) began with planetary flybys in the 1960s; then came the Viking 1 and 2 landers in 1976 and the Pathfinder mission, with the first Mars rover, Sojourner, in 1997. Today, Cornell University astronomer Steven Squyres is spearheading a new scientific offensive as principal scientist of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Mission. Rover’s robot geologists Spirit and Opportunity landed in January 2004 and have sent back more than 100,000 full-color images of Martian terrain as well as microscopic images and detailed analyses of rocks and soil surfaces. Squyres has also been an aquanaut at NASA’s underwater lab in Florida, helping to plan for manned space missions in extreme environments.”


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