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David & Glenn on: fracking

In their latest Forbes blog post, President David Skorton and Glenn Altschuler, professor of American studies, discuss the role of universities in the fracking debate:

“In Ithaca, N.Y., where we live, as elsewhere, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to gain access to shale natural gas (fracking) is a hot-button issue. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering whether to lift the moratorium on fracking – thereby joining some 20 other states that already allow fracking – and lawsuits are expected to follow that decision, no matter which way it goes.”

They weigh pros and cons and give several examples of how universities can contribute valuable insights to the debate, including: “… universities have expertise in all the areas relevant to fracking – social, environmental, human health and economic impacts, technological innovation and sampling design – as well as a commitment to and reputation for rigor and objectivity in research. We believe that universities can bring a reputation for independence to these investigations. And many universities are already collaborating with government and industry to promote economic development and the public good.”

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