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Alumni access

Cornell University Library just added another powerful tool for Cornell graduates.

JSTOR, one of the most popular archives of scholarly journals, is now part of the suite of databases available to Cornell alumni for free, with their NetID. This full-text archive is fully searchable and includes articles from more than 1,000 journals in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, music, ecology and botany, business and other fields.

Alumni use library services for a host of reasons. One person mentioned that he volunteers as a physician and uses the databases to research the impacts of water quality; another has ordered photocopies of documents from Mann Library after locating them remotely.

The library’s recently revamped Alumni Access program is dedicated to expanding e-resources, helping alumni stay up to date with academic disciplines or explore new topics, including business and job-related information.


One Response to “ Alumni access ”

  • Steve, 2011

    This is an excellant addition to resources for alumni. It has important uses for alumni looking to continue their undergraduate projects (honors theses, research, etc) and who seek to apply to graduate school but who do not have immediate ‘in person’ access to a good library. In addition, it is a great personal resource for anyone who likes to read interesting literature on interesting topics. Go big red!

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