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Sandra’s strength

Sandra Fluke ’03, the Georgetown law student who has carried herself with dignity and poise as a media storm erupted around her (see previous post), found her passion for advocacy at Cornell.

As an interdepartmental major in the College of Human Ecology, Fluke studied in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management and the Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program. She was president of Students Acting for Gender Equality and treasurer of the Society for Human Resource Management, on the National Dean’s List and Cornell Dean’s List and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

At Georgetown, Fluke is a past president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice, which informed her testimony before Congress: “When I look around my campus, I see the faces of the women affected, and I have heard more and more of their stories. On a daily basis, I hear from yet another woman from Georgetown or other schools or who works for a religiously affiliated employer who has suffered financial, emotional, and medical burdens because of this lack of contraceptive coverage. And so, I am here to share their voices and I thank you for allowing them to be heard.”

Cornell Senior Vice Provost Ron Seeber wrote to Fluke March 3 that “… many of us here in Ithaca are so proud as another strong Cornell alum makes positive waves.”

Responded Fluke: “Thank you very much for saying so. … Cornell is where I found my passion for such work/activism, and I am obviously drawing upon what I learned there. Take a stroll down Ho Plaza for me – it was always my favorite place on campus.”



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