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Faces of immigration

One of the Africana Library’s own is being featured in the new book “Green Card Stories,” which introduces readers to U.S. immigrants by telling their own stories in their own words.

Fifty recent immigrants contributed to the volume — including Saah Nue Quigee, a supervisor at the Africana Library. Quigee came to Cornell from Liberia on a student visa in 2001, escaping the brutality of warlord Charles Taylor, whose soldiers had beaten and terrorized Quigee and his family.

At Cornell, Quigee earned a master’s degree and began working at the Africana Library. His family joined him in 2004, and he became a U.S. citizen in 2011.

An excerpt from the essay about Quigee:

“For now, each afternoon as he starts his shift in the coolness of the library stacks, among the rows of tomes and academic journals, he feels alive, looking up titles, updating the website, or writing book synopses for patrons. Here in the library’s orderliness and the familiar promise of knowledge, he’s found a place to heal.”

Two copies of the book are available from the library.


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