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Fragile beauty

Marine biologist Drew Harvell and filmmaker David Owen Brown hope to raise about $40,000 by March 7 for a documentary film inspired by Cornell’s Blaschka collection of remarkably detailed glass sea life from the 19th century. The film will draw parallels between the glass invertebrates and the threatened sea in which they live.

“We’ll travel to locations where many of these invertebrates are still found, capturing footage by which the glass animals may be virtually brought to life,” Harvell writes. “We’re are on a global quest to find and film living specimens of this collection of glass squid, jellyfish, anenomes and other amazing sea creatures.”

Footage documenting each expedition and a segment about the lives and craft of the Blaschkas will appear on a dedicated website and combined to be screened at the Smithsonian and other museums, public aquariums and film festivals.



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  • Francoise Nieto-Fong

    I am a documentary producer in LA, I have worked in development and distribution for the past 10 years. I am interested in your project. Let me know if I can be of help.
    Francoise Nieto-Fong SHA 92

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