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Backfile to the future

In the constant quest for 24/7 digital access, Mann’s virtual Entomology Library is focusing on expanding its historical backfiles of entomology journals.

Electronic subscriptions usually include a journal’s most recent 10 or 15 years, but they don’t necessarily cover content that goes the whole way back to the beginning of a journal’s publication. Mann Library is acquiring backfiles for 18 entomology journals, some of which date to the 19th century – and the new purchases increase the number of complete runs available by about 65 percent.

The library subscribes to about 200 entomology-specific journals, some in print and some electronic. Financial assistance from the Veterinary Library also enabled the library to purchase several journals that cover zoology more broadly.

Check out the website to find out more about which backfiles Mann is purchasing and the results from a survey on the highest-priority entomology journal.


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