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Bot chat

Watch as two “chatbots” generated by Cornell’s Creative Machines Lab have a rather intense philosophical discussion.


One Response to “ Bot chat ”

  • david thurman

    you guys have created the perfect reflective surface of the psyche as it speaks collectively. Wonderful stuff……

    Because of virtualization through reading and writing we run into the Turing halting problem of self reference in the primate population. virtualization is OLD, not new at all. Webster’s or dictionary is self referencing. An inch thus all measurements are self referencing thus subjective. The deeper question becomes what is logic itself? Flip into Wikipedia for reference collectively it’s self referencing thus we end up again at the Turing halting problem. What is math, what is language? Paul Davies said recently that there are underlying mathmatical principles to the cosmos. I throw a rock into the air and say “rock fall back to earth” and it DOES!!!! Apparently my words are foundational to the cosmos too!!!….WOW MAGIK PAUL THANKS”……..

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