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Woof! in the name of the law


Cornell Police K9 team member Reggie poses with his handler – and rescuer – Officer Kevin Noterfonzo.

Noterfonzo rescued Reggie from being euthanized; the black lab had been in three adoptive homes and the caregivers were unable to handle him, but Noterfonzo brought him to Ithaca and trained him. So man rescues dog. And now dog rescues humans.

In the video below, Noterfonzo and Reggie demonstrate police dog behaviors and the jobs they do, including explosive detection and human tracking.


One Response to “ Woof! in the name of the law ”

  • Nancy

    Kevin has a heart of gold when it comes to animals, He treats Reggie like one of his childern he loves them to death.He puts all his heart into his job loves what he does .He is very kind and he has a lot of respect for people as well as animals.

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