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Crowning Seidler

Seidler2Yet another story of the British royal family is poised to take a number of Oscars next month. Leading contender “The King’s Speech” may just sweep David Seidler ’59 to screenwriting glory.

His success comes after a long and “checkered” career writing mostly for TV.

Seidler shared citizenship – and a stutter – with reluctant monarch George VI (known in the family as Bertie), who had no choice but to take the throne when his brother abdicated. Seidler always wanted to tell the story of how Bertie overcame his stammer with speech therapist Lionel Logue, and after many colorful decades he returned to the idea in 1982.

Logue’s son said Seidler could see his father’s notes if the Queen Mother, Bertie’s widow, gave her consent. She wrote to Seidler and asked him to wait until after her death to write about her husband. Seidler followed Elizabeth’s wishes.

Seidler told the LA Times that should he win an Oscar, at 73 he will be the oldest writer to win for an original screenplay.

– George Lowery


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