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Abundant bounty

fruitPounds of fresh produce from the Homer C. Thompson Research Farm in Freeville donated in 2010 to food relief efforts such as Elmira’s Food Bank of the Southern Tier, Ithaca’s Friendship Donations Network and Cortland’s Loaves and Fishes: 141,936.

Total pounds donated since 2004 (including potatoes, sweet corn, snap beans, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, melons, winter squash and pumpkins): 1,111,037.

Bushels of apples and gallons of cider donated by Cornell Orchards in 2010 to food pantries, schools and other organizations: 658 and 281.

“The produce we receive from the Homer C. Thompson Vegetable Research Farm is top quality product freshly picked from the field,” says Natasha Thompson, Food Bank of the Southern Tier president and CEO. “Most of it is distributed directly to individuals in need through our Mobile Food Pantry program the very same week it is received. This has allowed us to provide hundreds of families with fresh, nutritious produce that they may have otherwise not been able to access. We are extremely fortunate to have Cornell as a partner in the fight against hunger in the Southern Tier.”

– Craig Cramer


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  • Owen Hoekenga

    Just to clarify: multiple departments and organizations within the Thompson Farm donated fresh produce in 2010. These include the US Department of Agriculture’s People’s Garden Initiative, which donated 9,600 pounds to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, The Friendship Donation Network and The Dryden Kitchen Cupboard. Cornell University, USDA, and Boyce Thompson Institute students, faculty and staff all made contributions to local food security efforts.

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