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CU: ‘cool,’ oft recruited


Cornell scores 21 on Sierra magazine’s list of top 100 “Coolest Schools,” and by “cool” the magazine means “sustainable,” with a strong emphasis on each school’s energy supply. It ranked schools responding to an 11-page questionnaire and considered these factors in the final score: efficiency, food, academics, purchasing, transportation, waste management, administration, financial investments and a catchall section titled “other initiatives.”

Meanwhile, over at the Wall Street Journal, a survey of recruiting executives set out to identify the majors and schools that best prepare students to land jobs that are satisfying, well-paid and have growth potential. “Recruiters made clear they preferred big state schools over elite liberal arts schools, such as the Ivies,” writes the WSJ. “Recruiting managers find it’s more efficient to focus on fewer large schools and forge deeper relationships with them.” Despite this bias, Cornell scored No. 10 on the newspaper’s list of top 25 recruiter picks.


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