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Princeton Review ranks CU

princetonreviewAmong the statistics compiled by the Princeton Review, which just named Cornell to its list of the best 373 colleges:
Best campus food #5
Best college library #5
Best career services #16
Best college newspaper #19
Admissions selectivity rating: 98
Quality of life rating: 88
Green rating: 97
All undergraduates living on campus: 56%
# of organizations: 841
# of honor societies: 22
# of social sororities: 19
# of social fraternities: 50
# religious organizations: 61


One Response to “ Princeton Review ranks CU ”

  • Kurt Henninger

    Its good to see the old alma matter in the top list of best college campuses. I had completely forgotten how nice the Cornell campus was until I started visiting other campuses.

    RPU is simply the best dining experience anywhere.

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