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Reach out, reuse

liberia_computersThanks to the Cornell Computer Reuse Association (CCRA), newly refurbished computers from the library are making their way to places that need them most.

Three schools in Liberia will receive more than 100 desktop machines that could no longer be used cost-effectively on campus. Members of the Division of Library Information Technologies spearheaded the inventory efforts and performed public computer upgrades, which provide particularly valuable and homogeneous systems to reuse programs like the CCRA.

The library is the CCRA’s biggest donor to the program, and it has provided hundreds of machines over the course of several years. CCRA has also sent machines from various Cornell sources to schools in 11 other African countries, as well as colleges and schools in Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jamaica and the United States. More placements are planned for schools in Kenya and Zambia this semester.


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