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Free at last

Straight from this month’s jubilant headlines, Cornell University Press presents its in-depth look into Kosovo – “Peace at Any Price: How the World Failed Kosovo.” The Economist calls it “an excellent and timely book” that provides essential background for anyone wanting to learn about the newly independent country. Written by two former officials of the […]

Become a wildflower guide for kids

As part of Ithaca’s Kids Discover the Trail program, Cornell Plantations offers a spring program for all Ithaca third graders, “Wildflower Exploration: Kids Learning about Plants through Wildflowers.” Volunteer guides are needed to deliver this program to children in area schools and in Mundy Wildflower Garden at Cornell Plantations. No experience is necessary. You must […]

Cornell welcomes hip hop archive

Slip on your shirt and designer jeans The ones that are tight at the hips and the seams You shoot out the door like you’re runnin’ a race Then finally you arrive at the party place … The party’s packed and jumpin’ that funky bass is thumpin’ and the way the music rocks your mind […]

Bubbles and Merv need to know!

In the Feb. 5 New York Times, Miyoko Chu of the Lab of Ornithology tackles the issue of “Why do birds sit on telephone wires? What did they do before there were wires?” (They like the vantage point; they probably hung out in trees before the advent of wires, according to Chu.) Unbeknownst to Times […]

Jeff takes Manhattan

A video clip of Cornell professor Jeff Hancock is playing on taxi video screens in New York City. See a clip here.

Liars R Us

Lying is embedded in our evolutionary lives, it’s here to stay and it becomes outrageous on Internet dating sites. So declared Jeff Hancock, associate professor of communication, at a Feb. 12 “Inside Cornell” luncheon at the Cornell Club in New York City. Hancock captivated members of the media – journalists from NPR, Psychology Today, CBS, […]

Sounds of silence

The bells aren’t tolling for thee, Cornell, at least for the next two weeks. A control panel that runs the automated McGraw Tower hour bells has been sent away for repair. Fortunately, chimesmasters can deliver a manual peal, and from time to time the bells will sound on the hour. This technological failure does not […]

‘What does the gardening staff DO all winter?’

This is a question that Jim Mack, Plantations’ Horticultural supervisor, hears from visitors, friends and casual acquaintances all winter long. “Well,” he tells them, “among other things, we prune!” And do they ever. Winter is simply the best time to prune woody shrubs and trees. Removing broken, dead, diseased and crossing or crowded plant stems, […]

Tower of learning

CyberTower, an arm of Cornell Adult University offering education content including video lectures and discussions, reading lists and recommended resources, was always free but required registration. Now its rich content is available anonymously. Current topics include ILR professor Jefferson Cowie on the Last Days of the Working Class and archives of presentations ranging from autism […]

Road tripping with the Big Red

This is what happens when you’re about to make history: The New York Times spends 48 hours on a bus with you. Voluntarily. That’s exactly what happened last weekend, when Times reporter Pete Thamel and photographer Josh Haner jumped on the bus with the 16-5 Cornell men’s basketball team, who hours later beat Harvard and […]

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