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By the numbers

Number Cornell ranks in producing Peace Corps volunteers among medium-sized schools: … 4 Number of years Cornell has required the undergraduate swimming test … 70 Number of consecutive years Dragon Day has been celebrated … 106

Who’s who @ CU? offers a staggeringly comprehensive list of notable Cornell alumni and faculty, past and present, by field.

Smiley faces = laptops

Whenever I see that smiley face I have to smile myself because Olin has laptops Yes, it does OK, so James Taylor’s “Your Smiling Face” isn’t about Olin Library’s new laptop loan service, but the library is using smiley faces to let folks know if any of its laptops are available for checkout. A quick […]

No reservations

In a Jan. 7 USA Today article on the boom in hospitality education, the newspaper quotes Michael Johnson, dean of the Hotel School, who says his school “used to be a hospitality school with a business focus.” Today, he says, “We’re a business school with a hospitality focus.” The article notes that Cornell’s school, founded […]

Cornell’s ‘Nutrition swami’ named Person of the Week

“ABC World News with Charles Gibson” named Brian Wansink, the John S. Dyson Professor of Marketing, its person of the week on its Jan. 4 broadcast. He had been scheduled to receive the coveted designation Nov. 30 but was bumped by the demise of Evel Knievel.

Asian-American culture and student life

Two recent books offer unique scholarly and student perspectives on the Asian-American experience, from cultural trends and politics to first-person accounts of creating and struggling with identity. “Alien Encounters: Popular Culture in Asian America” (2007: Duke University Press, 366 pp.) features essays on cultural authenticity in Asian hip-hop and jazz music, Chinese restaurants in American […]

The Fury of Jamie Reed Kovac ’00

When student-athletes finish their playing days, many find it hard to leave the competitive world of sports behind. Some continue playing in recreational leagues. Others keep their competitive juices flowing by training for marathons or triathlons. Few take the route of former Cornell athlete Jamie Reed Kovac ’00. Kovac, who lettered three times in softball […]

Winter wonderland

Plants like this river birch, with its exfoliating bark, add beauty to the winter landscape. Enjoy the variety of winter colors and textures of plants throughout Cornell Plantations’ collections. Plants to look for include birches, cherries, parrotia, beech, kousa dogwood and stewartia.

A leg to stand on

While no scientific studies have been done on this phenomenon, ornithologists speculate that at least part of the time, birds lift one leg to conserve heat in cool or cold weather. Tucking a leg up in the body feathers keeps it warm and exposes only one leg to the environment. You’ll often see birds switch […]

Why birds don’t need fur

Large birds tolerate colder temperatures than small birds, but they all have strategies for handling frigid weather. The first line of defense is behavioral. Birds like the American goldfinch (photo) fluff their feathers to create air spaces that keep warm air trapped near its skin. Legs and feet are tucked into its feathers. Some small […]

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