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Use salt flotation to check for SWD

Effective use of salt flotation will help you determine if your fruit are infested with SWD and if your spray program is working. It also will give you a perspective on what your customers may find when they take the fruit home to eat fresh or to make pies, jellies, jams and preserves. I learned that variations […]

SWD caught in Tioga County

A blueberry grower in Tioga County monitoring traps daily for male SWD in their planting caught 6 males in one day, July 21, 2018. No SWD were found in traps up to and including Friday, July 20th. The two traps are set in the hedgerow adjacent to the blueberry field. To quote the grower, “Spraying is […]

More SWD being found – cherries at risk

In the last week of July 2017, my program found up to 100 SWD in some of the SWD traps in our raspberry research plot in Geneva, NY. Without a doubt, pressure from SWD and fruit infestation levels will be increasing as the SWD population explodes. In addition, fruit crops normally escaping infestation are reporting […]

Blueberry grower reports

Reports from blueberry growers have come in. SWD — caught in traps, found in fruit, and plantings shut down. One of these growers in the Southern Tier of NY, caught a single male in a trap on Sunday, July 23, 2017, and then, “In a matter of 3 days my 4 traps exploded with SWD. […]

SWD found in St. Lawrence County

Eight female and one male SWD were caught on July 23, 2016 in traps set on the edge of a red raspberry planting in St. Lawrence County by Paul Hetzler, who works with Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County.

Grower report – SWD in Columbia County

One female SWD and two males were caught on July 16, 2015 in traps set in blueberries in Columbia County and being monitored by the grower. This report came in courtesy of Laura McDermott, E NY Commercial Horticulture Program, who adds the site is in the southern part of Columbia County. The grower will begin […]

Grower report – SWD in Tioga County

Three males and one female SWD were caught in a trap today, set in a hedgerow near a blueberry planting in Tioga County. This trap is being monitored by the blueberry grower. The suggestion I give growers is to check traps frequently, if they plan to set traps to monitor.  Frequently would be about every […]

Westchester County – first report

Three SWD males were confirmed from traps set in raspberries and checked the week ending July 18, 2014 in Westchester County. A science project is underway at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Pocantico Hills, NY, where children are learning to monitor and identify SWD males in the raspberry, blueberry, and currant plantings at […]