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SWD and sour rot of grapes

SWD populations are building up and the warm, humid weather of late summer and early fall is very favorable for spotted wing. Any fruit hanging will be at risk of infestation. Not until late November will the majority of female SWD no longer carry eggs, as they prepare for overwintering. Wayne Wilcox, grape pathologist, Plant […]

Herkimer County finds SWD

On August 20th, traps being monitored by Bernie Armata, Extension Educator, Herkimer County Cornell Cooperative Extension, caught 5 male SWD. These traps were in a blueberry planting and shortly after receiving the trap catch news, the grower did salt flotation on a fruit sample, confirmed larval presence and shut down harvest. The good news is […]

2016 Trap Network Wrap-up

All SWD trapping locations have caught SWD. First trap catch occurred over a nine- to ten-week-long period, from June 8 to August 13. SWD was caught earlier this year than in prior years, but the hot and extremely dry weather across New York State appears to have benefited berry crops, which suffered lower infestation rates […]

Steuben County first & sustained catch

Two male SWD were caught in Steuben County on August 13, 2016 in a trap set within a small planting of raspberry and blueberry; no SWD were caught in the trap outside the planting. The following week, sustained catch occurred with 5 male SWD caught within the planting and 2 male SWD caught in the […]

Clinton County sustained catch

Four male SWD were caught in traps set in a summer raspberry planting in Clinton County in the week ending July 11, 2016, indicating sustained catch. The following week, high numbers of SWD were caught and enumerated on July 19, 2016—10 male and 15 female SWD in the raspberries. Traps set in the blueberries at […]

Essex County first catch

First trap catch in Essex County occurred on July 18, 2016 with a very large number of SWD caught in a summer raspberry planting. A total of 49 SWD, 33 male and 16 female, were enumerated in the four traps by Lauren Fessler, summer intern, who is working with Amy Ivy, Extension Educator, Eastern NY […]

Onondaga County sustained catch

A large number of SWD were caught during the week preceding August 3, 2016—53 females and 18 males—in traps set in a blueberry planting in Onondaga County. Luckily blueberry harvest at this location is winding down, because SWD populations are building up! These traps are being monitored by Nicole Mattoon, Field Technician, and Juliet Carroll, […]

Seneca County first and sustained catch

On July 20, 2016 first catch of 7 female SWD was found in a blueberry planting in Seneca County. The following week SWD had been caught again in the traps, indicating sustained catch. Traps at this location are being monitored by Gabrielle Brind’Amour, technician with Greg Loeb’s small fruit entomology program, NYSAES, Cornell University, Geneva, […]

Orange County first and sustained catch

On July 6, 2016 first catch of 1 female and 3 male SWD was found in a raspberry planting in Orange County. The following week, 2 female and 4 male SWD had been caught in the traps, indicating sustained catch. Traps at this location are being monitored by Tim Lamposona, technician with Peter Jentsch’s entomology […]

SWD found in St. Lawrence County

Eight female and one male SWD were caught on July 23, 2016 in traps set on the edge of a red raspberry planting in St. Lawrence County by Paul Hetzler, who works with Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County.

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