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Back to School? Yes, school IPM

If you know people in the K-12 community, let them know about this year's IPM Conference, School IPM 2020: Where We've Been and What's Next. A virtual conference taking place on the mornings of August 11 and 18, 2020. Starting this Tuesday, August 11! Where? On Zoom, of course! The cost is only $15 per person or $25 for your entire school district's personnel. Click Here to Register!

This Sixth Annual NYS IPM conference brings together a wide range of speakers to address and discuss the status of school IPM adoption and where we need to go in the future. If you or your family is impacted by pests or pest management on and off school property, this virtual conference is for you.

Cartoon showing pests not gaining access to the school building. Artwork by Karen English, Cornell University.Despite decades of promoting school IPM, bed bugs, cockroaches, lice, and mice continue to be a problem in schools. Part of the issue is lack of implementation of proven IPM techniques such as exclusion. Part of the issue is that some pests, like bed bugs, German cockroaches and lice arrive in backpacks, delivered supplies, and directly on students and staff. While schools often have plans in place to address these pests when they are discovered, it will take a wider community effort to prevent their introductions. Join us and learn about proven school IPM tactics!

Our keynote speaker, Lorraine Maxwell, will discuss “Healthy Environments for Learning”. Her research has found that school building conditions, which include conducive conditions for pests as well as the presence of pests, impact the school’s social climate, which directly impacts student performance. Meet the Keynote Speaker for the School IPM 2020 Conference in this IPM blog by Joellen Lampman, NYS IPM Program's School and Turfgrass IPM Extension Support Specialist.

How: Click Here to Register
Cost: $15 per person or $25 per school district

This table shows the NYS DEC pesticide license recertification credits to be awarded at the School IPM conference.NYS Pesticide Applicator recertification credits have been awarded for the following categories: Core, 3A, 3B, 7A, 7F, and 8.

Individuals seeking credits will need to submit their applicator ID numbers when pre-registering. Further instructions will be sent upon pre-registering.

Spread the word to those you know who work in schools — across New York State and across the country!

Learn more about this year's IPM Conference on the NYS IPM web page, School IPM 2020: Where We've Been and What's Next,

Have a healthy and safe school year, everyone!

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