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First catch in Schuyler County

A single male SWD was caught in a trap set on the edge of a blueberry planting in the eastern part of Schuyler County. Traps were checked on May 21, after the cold spell broke and warmer weather prevailed at week's end in the Finger Lakes region. The plants are at early pink bud and progressing to bloom, possibly quickly given the switch to hot weather.

It will be interesting to see if SWD is caught at this site next week. Four traps are set in these blueberries, with two on the row next to a woods in which a small stream gently rolls along the west edge of the planting. Perhaps perfect wintering grounds for our enemy, SWD?

Its too early to spray since there's no fruit. The Quick Guides to SWD Insecticides are not up-to-date yet, but soon will be. In the meantime, consider all the things we can do to thwart this insect that will enhance the efficacy of the insecticide management program:

  • Mowing
  • Weed management
  • Pruning
  • Sanitation
  • Cold storage

Details for SWD IPM in blueberry can be found on this blog, Managing SWD in Blueberries at Comprehensive information on SWD IPM is available in Spotted Wing Drosophila IPM in Blueberries from the NE IPM Center SWD Working Group,

Picture of three SWD males.
Three male spotted wing Drosophila. Note the spot on each wing, which is on the end of the first vein from the outer edge of the wing.

Like do-it-yourself projects?

Blueberry growers in New Jersey have had success monitoring SWD using sticky cards, baited with a Scentry lure hanging from the bottom edge of the sticky card. Check cards daily for the distinctive males with the spot on each wing. (Don't even bother looking for the females, that's for those of us who enjoy going blind peering through a microscope.)

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