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Is SWD still a problem?

In the past eight years, we’ve progressed in our ability to manage spotted wing drosophila (SWD), but it remains a serious economic problem for fruit growers in NY and across the US.  Do you think that statement is correct? If yes, we could use your help in telling the USDA just that—that SWD remains a serious threat to your crops and your bottom line—in our grant application. Help us by filling out our survey at the link below. And read more about our project.

SWD Grower Needs Assessment Survey

Researchers who study SWD and its management are in the process of developing a multistate grant application to the USDA…and New York State is on board! This grant will support research and extension efforts on sustainable management practices against SWD. Sustainable means environmentally safe and economically viable.

A photo of the SWD parasitoid Ganapis brasiliensis laying an egg into an SWD larva inside a blueberry.
The SWD parasitoid Ganapsis brasiliensis laying an egg into an SWD larva inside a blueberry. This parasitoid was collected in Asia. Photo: K. Daane

This grant will bring needed funding to NY for our efforts to increase grower awareness and adoption of novel approaches to sustainable SWD management. We will improve the business management resources created specifically to account for the impact of SWD on farms and educate growers on using our Excel-based economic decision-making software. We will release biological control agents—parasitoids of SWD—from their native lands and assess survival and effectiveness as an alternate management tactic. We will manipulate the behavior of SWD with field attractants and repellents and measure how these materials may inhibit fruit infestation.

In NY, Cornell University scientists Dr. Miguel Gomez, agricultural economist, and Dr. Greg Loeb, entomologist, will lead the project and work closely with Cornell Cooperative Extension educators and the NYS Berry Growers Association. We need input from berry growers like you.

Please help us in demonstrating to USDA that SWD remains a serious problem by completing our brief, anonymous online survey on how SWD is affecting your business. We need your answers by February 29.

SWD Grower Needs Assessment Survey

Combined survey results from across the US will be included in the grant proposal. Just a few minutes of your time, which is priceless, could translate into millions of dollars for research on SWD.

Thank you!

Content for this post was contributed by Dr. Miguel Gomez, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University.

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