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First catch in Orleans County

A single female SWD was caught in a blueberry planting in Orleans County, in traps checked on July 9, 2019 by Liz Tee, Lake Ontario Fruit Program of CCE. While the number is low, it is likely that the SWD catch will be greater next week, but possibly not.

This picture shows the SWD females ovipositor which can slice the skin of ripening fruit and gently place an egg within.
Detail of the spotted wing Drosophila female's abdomen showing the extended ovipositor and the dark, saw-toothed edge used to cut into fruit to lay her eggs inside.

That's one of the things that makes this insect so unnerving — it can explode when you least expect it.

Make sure you keep an eye on how ripe your crop is. No-choice lab tests proved SWD females can lay eggs in blueberries that are pink.

Take the time to carefully plan out your management strategy now. Review resources available online to help you learn how to protect ripe and ripening fruit crops from infestation.

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