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First catch in Livingston County

One female SWD was caught in two traps placed in a small raspberry patch in Livingston County. Traps were checked on July 3, 2019 by Dave Thorp, CCE Association of Livingston County.

Only four counties in the network, two added just last month, have not yet caught SWD — Herkimer, Onondaga, Orleans, and Tioga. All these counties have traps set in blueberry fields. In Orleans a second site has traps set in raspberry.

Picture of a Scentry trap for monitoring SWD that is set in a raspberry planting.
Scentry trap for SWD set in a raspberry patch.

Fruit that is ripe is at risk of infestation. Consult Cornell Fruit Resources SWD Management,

More information on SWD is online:

Review the Quick Guide to SWD Insecticides at for berries for stone fruit and grapes


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