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Sustained catch in Ulster County

Four SWD — two males and two females (on a double date in the Scentry trap?) were caught on June 12, 2019 in traps set within a raspberry planting in Ulster County. Also, a single male caught in another site in Ulster, in blueberry that day. These traps are being monitored by Jim O'Connell, CCE Association of Ulster County.

Picture of a Scentry trap for monitoring SWD that is set in a raspberry planting.
Scentry trap for SWD set in a raspberry patch.

Sustained? This is the second week in a row that SWD was caught at this site. For the SWD monitoring network, we want to see SWD caught two weeks in a row to know that the insect pest has truly arrived in an area and the trap catch isn't just a spurious occurrence.

Once we know it's sustained catch, we remove traps the following week and alert you all to focus your efforts on monitoring the crop: visually for ripeness and using salt flotation for levels of infestation.

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