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First catch in Chemung County

One female SWD was caught in a trap set on the edge of a blueberry planting. Traps were checked on June 12, 2019 by Shona Ort, CCE Association of Chemung County.

Blueberry fruit have set in many locations across NY. Most fruit are still green and too hard for SWD to lay eggs in. Keep track of the ripening progress of your fruit crops.

Some varieties are still blooming. Whenever plants are still blooming, protect pollinators by avoiding insecticide use during bloom and when pollinators are active. Pollinator Network at Cornell – Grower Resources,

Pollinators working blueberry flowers.
A carpenter bee zooms in on a blueberry flower, anxious to drink its delicious nectar. Another pollinator is working flowers in the upper right.

It's an early year for SWD, with all susceptible fruit being at risk, regardless of how early it's fruiting season is.  Stay tuned to the SWD blog, and to your fruit plantings.

Refer to the Cornell Guidelines, . Commercial growers should have the 2019 versions of the Berry Crops, Tree Fruit, or Grape Guidelines.

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