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First and sustained catch in Dutchess County

SWD found in Dutchess County, as of the week ending on July 10, 2018, and sustained catch during the week ending July 17.  On July 10, four females and one male were found in the raspberry crop, and three females and two males were caught in the nearby hedgerow. On July 17, only 1 female was found in the traps set in the crop and one female in the hedgerow.

Female SWD, on left, has large ovipositor. Male SWD, on right, has a spot on each wing.

Interestingly, the number of SWD caught decreased significantly from the first week to the second week possibly indicating that effective management tactics were put into place at this location.

SWD needs to be managed in susceptible fruit — know if it's on your farm and know how to fight it!

The traps in Dutchess County are being monitored by Zayd Normand, summer intern, working with Peter Jentsch, Hudson Valley Research Laboratory.

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