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SWD caught in Tioga County

A blueberry grower in Tioga County monitoring traps daily for male SWD in their planting caught 6 males in one day, July 21, 2018. No SWD were found in traps up to and including Friday, July 20th.

Homemade SWD trap. The red cup contains an apple cider vinegar drowning liquid and a specimen cup with a wheat dough bait. Traps are checked daily for males.

The two traps are set in the hedgerow adjacent to the blueberry field. To quote the grower,

"Spraying is going to be hard with wet weather for the rest of the week."

The blueberry grower is making their own traps, using whole wheat dough as the bait and apple cider vinegar as the drowning liquid. Instructions for these whole wheat dough traps are on the SWD Monitoring page.

Only two Counties reporting zero SWD trap catch (gray) - Herkimer and Orange - as of July 23, 2018.


Elsewhere, across the CCE SWD monitoring network, all locations have reported in. Only the sites in Orange County and in Herkimer County have yet to catch SWD. Dutchess and Erie Counties are now at sustained catch. Details of these findings will be reported in a separate blog.

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