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Sustained catch in Clinton & Essex Counties

10 SWD were caught in Clinton County and 13 SWD in a raspberry field in Essex County and 4 in a blueberry field in Essex County during the week ending July 9, 2018. These traps are being monitored by Andy Galimberti and Amy Ivy, Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program.

In Clinton County the four traps were set two each in raspberry and blueberry. The traps in blueberry caught zero SWD. In raspberry, 1 male and 6 females were caught and on the edge of the crop 3 females were caught.

In Essex County, most of the SWD were caught in the raspberry planting – 7 males and 5 females. Only 1 female was caught on the edge of the crop. In the blueberry planting being monitored in Essex County, zero SWD were caught in the crop and 2 males and 2 females were caught on the edge of the crop.

Male SWD on raspberry.

These data suggest that raspberries are at highest risk of infestation, though ripe blueberry are also at risk. Monitoring on your own farm is warranted – using traps, sampling fruit with salt flotation, and examining fruit for signs of infestation. All these methods are described on the SWD Monitoring web page.


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