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First find in Orleans County

A single female SWD was found in a trap set on the edge of a raspberry planting in Orleans County during the week ending July 10, 2018. The other tap set in the crop caught zero SWD. These traps are being monitored by Tess Grasswitz, Lake Ontario Fruit Program.

Clean harvests, removing overripe fruit, weed management, and mowing all help reduce favorable habitat for SWD. See details on the SWD Management page on Cornell Fruit Resources.

Tiny threads of the SWD egg breathing tubes indicate where an egg was laid in a raspberry.

You can monitor SWD in your fruit plantings using a simple, easy to make trap and bread dough lure. Instructions on how to make an SWD trap are available on the Cornell Fruit Resources SWD Monitoring web page. Check traps daily to minimize the number of fruit flies you will need to sort through to find SWD; and focus on identifying the males, because they’re easy to ID. You can also sample fruit and check it for larvae via salt flotation.


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