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Sustained catch in Cayuga County

SWD was caught two weeks in a row in a summer raspberry planting in Cayuga County. Sustained catch indicates that SWD will be found consistently on this farm and populations will continue to build, necessitating insecticide treatment to protect the crop from infestation. Two of the four traps set in and around summer raspberries caught a total of four SWD during the week ending July 2, 2018. Two males and one female were caught in the trap within the crop and one male in the trap on the edge of the crop.

Female SWD on a raspberry.

These U-pick raspberries have been heavily picked, which will help keep SWD populations down. Last week’s heat may have suppressed SWD.

To protect the crop through the end of harvest, insecticides will be needed on about a weekly basis, rotating with insecticides of different modes of action to reduce the risk of insecticide resistance developing in SWD.

Clean harvests, removing overripe fruit, weed management, and mowing all help reduce favorable habitat for SWD. See details on the SWD Management page on Cornell Fruit Resources.

Traps at this location are being monitored by Nicole Mattoon and Ryan Parker, working with Juliet Carroll, NYS IPM Program.


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