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Sustained catch in Genesee County

14 SWD were caught on July 10, 2017 in two traps set in a raspberry planting. 7 females were in the trap set within the crop; 4 female and 3 male SWD were caught in the trap set on the edge of the planting.

Male SWD on raspberry fruit. Note dimpling on the fruitlet in the upper left corner of the photo - indicative of fruit infestation.

These traps are being serviced by Jan Beglinger, extension educator, Genesee County Cornell Cooperative Extension. Insect identification is being done by Nicole Mattoon, IPM field technician, and Taylere Herrmann, IPM summer technician, NYS IPM Program.

If your berries are ripe and SWD is being caught in your area, it is time to begin management tactics to protect the crop.

SWD management means practicing IPM using the best combination of:

  • trapping to know when SWD has arrived at the fruit planting;
  • carefully monitoring the ripening fruit crop;
  • sanitation — immediate disposal of over-ripe or infested fruit;
  • sanitation — clean harvesting fruit;
  • pruning and weed management to maintain good air and sunlight penetration into the planting;
  • protecting the crop with insecticide treatments or exclusion netting;
  • refrigeration of harvested fruit.

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