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First catch in St Lawrence County

SWD was confirmed caught on July 8, 2017 from traps set in a blueberry planting in St Lawrence County. 2 female SWD were caught in one of two traps. There are ripening 'Blue Ray', 'Duke' and 'Blue Crop' blueberry varieties in the field, but 'Patriot' is still green at this location.

John Jaenike, Univ. of Rochester, discusses Drosophila biology with Paul Hetzler during an SWD Workshop in 2014.

These traps are being monitored by Paul Hetzler, extension educator, St Lawrence County Cornell Cooperative Extension, as part of his demonstration research on protected culture production of berry crops.

As blueberries ripen and SWD is caught in your area, sample fruit to check for SWD infestation with a salt flotation assay.

Make sure customers know to keep fruit refrigerated, and freeze, process or use fruit as soon as possible after purchase.

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