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SWD caught at research sites in Oswego County

1 male SWD was caught June 29, 2017 in one of 6 traps set in a 300 acre preserve field research site that has no managed fruit plantings.

1 female SWD was caught July 6, 2017 in one of 7 traps set in a managed cherry orchard (tart and sweet). Harvest is underway at this orchard.

There are no SWD traps in the monitoring network set in Oswego County. These traps are being monitored by Dr. Peter Newell, Assistant Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences, Oswego State University of New York, Oswego, NY, who shared his findings with me. Gabrielle Solomon, undergraduate student working in his lab, services the traps and does the Drosophila identifications.

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