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Catching up on sustained catch reports

Sustained catch (two weeks in a row catching SWD) has occurred in several counties: Orleans on June 15 and 22, Niagara on June 28 and 29, Ulster on June 28 and 29, Clinton on July 10, Essex on July 10, and Livingston on July 13. In Essex County the sustained catch had 144 SWD, caught […]

Sustained catch in St Lawrence County

4 female SWD were caught the week ending July 15, 2017 in two traps set near some wild raspberries growing outside a blueberry planting. This is sustained catch at this location. Paul Hetzler, extension educator, St Lawrence County CCE, is monitoring these traps as part of a berry research project. Although Paul expected to find […]

Sustained catch in Genesee County

14 SWD were caught on July 10, 2017 in two traps set in a raspberry planting. 7 females were in the trap set within the crop; 4 female and 3 male SWD were caught in the trap set on the edge of the planting. These traps are being serviced by Jan Beglinger, extension educator, Genesee […]

First catch in St Lawrence County

SWD was confirmed caught on July 8, 2017 from traps set in a blueberry planting in St Lawrence County. 2 female SWD were caught in one of two traps. There are ripening ‘Blue Ray’, ‘Duke’ and ‘Blue Crop’ blueberry varieties in the field, but ‘Patriot’ is still green at this location. These traps are being […]

First catch Livingston County

3 SWD were caught in traps checked on July 6, 2017 — 2 female and 1 male were found in the trap set on the edge of the small blueberry planting at this location. Practice these IPM tactics for managing SWD: trapping to know when SWD has arrived at the fruit planting; carefully monitoring the […]

First and sustained catch Wyoming County

First catch in a raspberry planting on July 6, 2017 of 3 female SWD in a trap within the crop and 1 female in a trap set on the edge of the crop. Sustained catch on July 12, 2017 of 18 SWD, 8 females and 10 males. Within the crop the trap caught 7 male […]

Sustained catch in Wayne County

Confirmed sustained catch occurred in Wayne County on June 28, 2017 in ripe summer raspberries (2 females caught in two of four traps) and on July 11 in a blueberry planting (1 female SWD in one of four traps). These traps are being monitored by Nicole Mattoon, IPM field technician, and Taylere Herrmann, IPM summer […]

SWD caught at research sites in Oswego County

1 male SWD was caught June 29, 2017 in one of 6 traps set in a 300 acre preserve field research site that has no managed fruit plantings. 1 female SWD was caught July 6, 2017 in one of 7 traps set in a managed cherry orchard (tart and sweet). Harvest is underway at this […]

First catch Essex County

5 female SWD were caught on July 3, 2017 in traps set within a planting of ripe and ripening summer raspberries. These traps are being monitored by Amy Ivy, extension educator, Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program (ENYCHP), assisted by Anne Mills, field technician with ENYCHP. If your berries are ripe and SWD is being caught […]

First catch in two sites in Clinton County

SWD was confirmed on July 3, 2017 from two sites in Clinton County. 2 female SWD were caught in traps on the crop edge of a summer raspberry planting where fruit is ripe. 3 female SWD were caught in a blueberry planting where fruit are still green, without blush, 2 in traps set within the […]

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