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Sustained catch in several counties

Sustained catch (two weeks in a row catching SWD) was reported on June 26 and 27, 2017, in several counties: Albany, Rennselaer, Saratoga, Schuyler and Washington. Reports have come in from Annie Mills, field technician with Laura McDermott and the Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program and from Taylere Herrmann and Nicole Mattoon with me in the NYS IPM Program.

Specific findings:

Albany County - 10% ripe summer raspberries at the site and 52 SWD caught in 4 of 4 traps.

Rensselaer County - 31 SWD caught at this site in 3 of 4 traps.

Saratoga County - blackberries are still unripe at this site, but nearby sweet cherries are coloring up. 2 female SWD caught.

Schuyler County - summer raspberries are ripe at this site and 4 SWD caught in 3 of 4 traps set in that crop. At this farm, first catch also was found in the traps set in blueberries - 4 SWD females caught in 3 of 4 traps.

Washington County - most blueberries at this site are still just starting to color, but one variety is at about 25% blue. 15 SWD caught in 3 of 4 traps.

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