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First catch in Onondaga County

One female SWD was found on June 14, 2017 in a blueberry planting. Four traps were set at this location on June 7 and one of the two within the planting caught the female. The blueberries at this location are green and lingering bloom was still evident on some plants this week.

Two male SWD on a blueberry, photographed in early September 2013. SWD populations typically build to very high levels in late summer and early autumn.

These traps are being monitored by Nicole Mattoon, field technician, and Taylere Herrmann, summer technician, in Juliet Carroll's fruit IPM program with the NYS IPM Program.

Keep tabs on your fruit crops. When fruit harvests begin, monitor fruit for SWD infestation, keep fruit cold post-harvest, and know the best practices for managing SWD.

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