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First catch in Clinton County

14 SWD were caught today, August 17, 2015, in traps set in blueberry in Clinton County, 10 males in traps set in the interior of the crop and 4 males in traps set on the edge of the crop. These traps are being monitored by Lindsey Pashow, technician, and Amy Ivy, educator & director, Clinton County Cornell Cooperative Extension. These males may be lonely...? Another review of trap contents on Wednesday will confirm whether females are absent.  Regardless, don't think for a minute that absence of females means your crop is safe. They could be out laying eggs and ignoring the lure of food provided by the traps. Only three Counties in the 29-County network have not yet caught SWD (Columbia, Dutchess, and Steuben). If your crop is ripe - take steps to manage SWD. If your crop is on the verge of ripening - make plans to protect it from SWD. (GDD = 1793, day length = 13:55)

SWD male
SWD male, note spot on each wing.

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