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First catch in Saratoga County

One female SWD was found on August 4, 2015 in a trap set in blackberries in Saratoga County. This report came in from Tegan Matthews, Cornell Cooperative Extension Intern with Laura McDermott, Eastern NY Horticulture Program. (GDD = 1863, day length = 14:19)

The blackberries at this site are almost completely devoid of fruit! But, it looks like SWD will be on hand to infest fruit once it develops unless it is protected with insecticide. Plan on an effective, well timed spray program for your fall berries; refer to the berry insecticide guide for SWD. Make sure you rotate between different insecticide modes of action (or IRAC groups) to prevent insecticide resistance from developing in SWD. Pay attention to all management practices for SWD to lower the risk of fruit infestation.

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