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Field Meeting on SWD Management

Berry Growers, Industry and Extension Friends…plan to attend the SWD Management Open House!  Wednesday, September 2nd from 3:00-5:00 PM at The Berry Patch of Stonewall Hill Farm, 15589 NY Route 22, Stephentown, NY 12168 in Rensselaer County. At the Field Meeting you will learn and see… How to do an easy salt floatation test to […]

First catch in Steuben County

Two SWD were caught on August 18, 2015 in traps set in raspberry & blueberry in Steuben County. This site is being monitored by Stephanie Mehlenbacher, Steuben County Cornell Cooperative Extension. (GDD = 1776, day length = 13:44) Only three sites in the NY monitoring network have not yet reported SWD finds. If you have […]

First catch in Dutchess County

Three SWD, two female and one male, were caught on August 11, 2015 in traps set in blueberry. The SWD were in the trap set on the edge of the crop. This site is being monitored by Jim O’Connell, Ulster County Cooperative Extension and Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program. (GDD = 2019, day length = […]

SWD network report & tips

Now found in 25 of 28 (89%) of Counties in the SWD monitoring network, 2015 will be challenging for late fruit crops in NY. Traps have caught SWD two weeks in a row in 22 of the 25 NY Counties reporting SWD finds. Of the 48 monitoring sites across NY, only 5 have not yet […]

First catch in Clinton County

14 SWD were caught today, August 17, 2015, in traps set in blueberry in Clinton County, 10 males in traps set in the interior of the crop and 4 males in traps set on the edge of the crop. These traps are being monitored by Lindsey Pashow, technician, and Amy Ivy, educator & director, Clinton […]

Entrust organic insecticide – don’t overuse!

An important warning from Dow AgroSciences, the manufacturer and distributor of the organic-approved insecticide, Entrust SC, about the use patterns of this product for control of SWD – don’t overuse it, follow label directions and rotate with a different active ingredient. (Excerpts from their letter are in quotes. I’ve added bold emphasis.) It is crucially […]

First catch in Herkimer County

One female SWD was caught on August 5, 2015 in a trap set in a blueberry planting in Herkimer County. Traps at this location are being monitored by Bernie Armata, Herkimer County Cornell Cooperative Extension Association. (GDD = 1601, day length = 14:18) To date, only four counties (Clinton, Columbia, Dutchess, and Steuben) have not […]

First network trap catch in Tioga County

Two SWD at one location & one SWD at a second location in Tioga County were caught the week of August 3, 2015. At both locations the traps were in raspberry and are being monitored by Michele Kline, Regional Fruit & Vegetable Specialist, Tioga County Cornell Cooperative Extension. (GDD = 1562 & 1740, day length […]

First catch in Essex County

One male SWD was caught on August 4, 2015 in a trap set in fall raspberry in southern Essex County. The report comes in from Amy Ivy, Clinton County Cornell Cooperative Extension and Eastern NY Horticulture Program. The raspberries at this site are just starting to ripen. (GDD = 1602, day length = 14:24) In […]

First catch in Saratoga County

One female SWD was found on August 4, 2015 in a trap set in blackberries in Saratoga County. This report came in from Tegan Matthews, Cornell Cooperative Extension Intern with Laura McDermott, Eastern NY Horticulture Program. (GDD = 1863, day length = 14:19) The blackberries at this site are almost completely devoid of fruit! But, […]

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